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What is GLEC Stirrup Club?

Stirrup Club is designed to help young riders learn the basics of safety, riding and horsemanship. The program is broken into Skill Levels. Each Skill Level builds on the one before it and ensures that all students become well-rounded equestrians. At Great Lakes, we feel that good horsemanship does not begin and end in the saddle, but includes everything from grooming and tacking to proper warm-up and cool down and making sure the horse is put away properly. GLEC students gain more from our program and graduates will have a solid foundation to build on in whatever equine endeavor they choose to pursue. Stirrup Club uses a combination of mounted and unmounted classes to enhance the students experience. In addition to the weekly mounted riding lessons, a monthly unmounted “mini-clinic” will offer students a chance to go beyond the saddle and gain more in-depth knowledge such as equine first aide, nutrition, barn management, tack and equipment care and much more.

Stirrup Club Membership is free with monthly tuition that includes mounted riding instruction, consisting of either, 45-minute semi-private or group lessons. All you have to pay for a the monthly Mini-clinics and Rider Skill Ratings, based on the progression of the individual in relation to Stirrup Club Rating Levels. Riders will be given a certificate of completion for each level achieved. Riders must complete Level I in order to participate in semi-private or group lessons; prior to completing Level I, students will continue in private lessons. However, they are welcome and encouraged to attend the mini-clinics during this time.

Skill Levels

LEVEL I – The rider is introduced to the fun and challenges of riding. This level focuses on safety, tack placement and basic pony/horse care. The rider will demonstrate control

of their mount independently at the walk and trot.

LEVEL II – The rider will show that he or she has acquired well-established safety and handling habits. The rider will demonstrate control at the walk, trot and will be introduced to the canter.

LEVEL III – The rider will now have a more solid foundation for basic pony care and will be able to show control at the walk, trot and canter as well as being introduced to more advanced riding skills.

LEVEL IV – At this level, the rider will demonstrate independent control of the horse at the walk, trot and canter as well as more advanced horsemanship. Riders at this level will have a good introduction to the competitive sports of Dressage, Jumping and Cross Country.

Graduates will receive a Stirrup Club Completion Certificate and a TEAM GLEC T-shirt. They are also eligible for the GLEC show teams.

For all new students, even those with previous riding experience .Must have a series of private lessons. This enables us to evaluate the rider’s level and ability so that the appropriate semi private (2 riders), or group, or more private lesson can be recommended. PHONE: 616-392-1363. If you are in enrolled in Stirrup Club private lessons must be paid at time of lesson.

Per time lessons:
Private lessons (1/2 hr. mounted, 15min. grooming) $40/ per lesson

After you have completed your required private lessons you can then move into the monthly tuition, this is more cost effective and is based on prepayment for a month’s worth, of group or semi private lessons. Tuition is based on an average of 4 group lessons per month of 50min group or 45 min. Semi private/lessons. Please allow AT LEAST 15 min. before and after for pony care. Riders wanting to progress faster may want to enroll in more than one lesson per week. A full month’s tuition is expected from all students each month, regardless of holidays or missed days. Make-up lessons are encouraged for any missed or cancelled lessons. However, lessons must be made-up during the same month and cannot be carried over to the next month. All packages must be paid for by the 10th of each month. If you know you will be out of town or will not make your lessons prior to the month then we you need to go back to the per lesson fees.

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